Welcome to my page!

My name is Lorenzo Ferrari and I am 29 years old. I currently live in Turku (Finland), but I am usually based in Trento (Italy).

I am a historian of contemporary Europe and international relations. My PhD thesis has dealt with the history of the external relations of the European Community, I have recently turned it into a book. Currently I am focusing my research on the international activity of the Western European countries during the Cold War era, in particular with regard to human rights and disarmament; you can read more about my research here. Since August 2016 I am visiting fellow at the University of Turku, where I work and teach a course.

Beside doing research, I work as a freelance historian and editor. For instance, I collaborate with the Zanichelli publishing house, preparing history textbooks and teaching tools for schools. I work on academic history books for the Viella publishing house, and sometimes I translate academic articles/books from English to Italian. I also work on a public history project concerning international history, and I blog for the Italian newspaper Il Post; every now and then I write for other media outlets.

I’m always happy to consider new projects and forms of collaboration, so if you’d like to exchange some ideas just contact me.