My PhD thesis

The title of my PhD thesis is «Speaking with a Single Voice. The Assertion of the EC as a Distinctive International Actor, 1969-79». I have defended it on December 9, 2014; the work was supervised by Mark Gilbert (Johns Hopkins University) and Giovanni Orsina (LUISS Rome). The book drawn from the dissertation, Sometimes Speaking with a Single Voice, was published by P.I.E. Peter Lang in July 2016.

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In the thesis, I trace the process of emergence and establishment of the European Community as a distinct international actor during the 1970s. To some extent, I trace the story of the very roots of the EU’s common foreign and security policy. It is very common to criticize the indecisiveness and ineffectiveness of the international activity of the European Union today: it is fair to do so, but sometimes we are too prone to point at what is still missing while we miss what is already there. Especially during the 1970s, a number of remarkable achievements were realized, enabling the EC to shift from a loose coalition of states with century-old independent foreign policies to a group of countries acting in quite a cohesive way on the international scene. Most importantly, the EC as such was recognized as a distinct international actor by a great share of its counterparts.

What I look at in my thesis, are the reasons, the means and the goals of this process of assertion of the EC as such as an international actor, as well as its achievements and its failures. I take into consideration most of the international politics areas in which the EC was involved: transatlantic relations, relations with international organizations, major multilateral negotiations, development cooperation, promotion of human rights, reform of the international governance and of the international economic structure, and so on.